Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!~ Red, White & Blue covered Marshmallows

I know this post is late, but I wanted to show off what I made for the 4th of July! I was inspired by every one's yummy deserts and this is what I came up with, Red, White & Blue Chocolate Covered Marshmallows! Yummy! Here's how I did it.

I did cover the craft block with cute red & white polka dot wrapping paper,
 but forgot to take a pic of it before we left. Oops!

I set out all my marshmallows on some wax paper counted them out.
Then I broke out my candy melts. 
I started with the white candy melts first, b/c I knew I had to dye them blue
(my grocery was out of blue candy melts BOO!)
Added some blue food coloring
Mixed it up, and started dipping.
I placed these blue UP until they dried, then stuck in the sticks.
SOMEONE snuck in and stole one or maybe two!
I added the sticks when the blue was almost dry and then went to work on the red.
Melt- and it just so happens that my microwave melts 1 bag of candy melts in exactly 1 minute!

Repeat on all of the marshmallows and then 

Hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July with your family & friends! 


  1. Thank you so much for linking up to my Red, White and Blue Linky Party!

  2. when i put the food coloring in the candy melts the candy melts started to clump up it was fine till i mix the food coloring in . Do u know wat might have happened