Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Guest Post- Michelle @ Delicate Construction

Hi ladies, with all that is going on with my father in law, Michelle was awesome enough to let me post her tutorial NOW! Thanks so much Michelle! The project is the cutest and I am thinking I need one for my classroom for morning welcome time.
After you check out the tutorial make sure you head over to her blog Delicate Construction and check it out. I love all of her "10 New Uses" post they give me some of the greatest ideas!

So without further ado- Take it away Michelle!
Hello Warm & Fuzzy readers!!! I am so glad to be here today, my name is Michelle and my blog is Delicate Construction!! Lauren was so kind as to guest post on my blog and shared and awesome Homework Box HERE, so I thought I would come over and take over share a post on her blog!
Today I am sharing a photo message board tutorial made out of an embroidery hoop! I thought of this one when I was coming up with my 10 New Uses for Embroidery Hoops post but I saved the tutorial to share with all of you first!
I made this one for my daughters room with gray fabric, gray buttons and white and pink ribbons and I love the way it came out!
You will need:
Embroidery hoop
Two colors ribbon 
9 buttons
Hot glue gun
First you are going to want to put your fabric in your embroidery hoop, pull it tight and trim it up. Then to make sure it stays put, fold over the edge of the fabric around the back and hot glue it to the inside lip of the embroidery hoop. 
Next, lay out your ribbon until you get a design you think will work. 
Then, using the hot glue gun, attach one end of each of the ribbons to the side of the embroidery hoop. 
Then, pull each ribbon tight across the hoop and glue down the other side. 
Once they are all attached, turn the hoop over and hot glue the ribbon the rest of the way down.
Then, you are going to want to hot glue each of the "x's" down by adding a dot between the fabric and the ribbon and between the two pieces of ribbon. 
Now, you are ready to add your buttons, all of mine were gray but they weren't the same and I think it still looks nice. 
Lastly, you just add another color of ribbon around the edge to finish it off and you are done!
Time to hang up and add pictures!
Thanks for having me!! Hope you come visit soon!!

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  1. Super cute! Anything that Michelle does is just wonderful!