Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Want~Wish~Dream ~List

Over @ lovestitched Brittany held a little Linky Party with her Wants, Wishes, & Dreams. I was late to the game so I couldnt link up, but I wanted to play along anyway...

A little organiztion in my life. I always feel as if we are in a rush, running here, running there, never enough time in the day. I need some time to get organized and to STAY that way!

A couple $100 bucks to get some clothes...I am sick of living in gym shorts and tanks.


I wish we were going to Disney THIS year instead of next,
Ben Henry, LOVES Mickey Mouse so much, I cannot wait to take him to meet Mickey!

I wish Brian would reconsider having a third baby.
No, I do not want a 3rd baby now, but I want to option to have one in a year or two. Thats all :)

I dream of one day having enough money to have a beach home where we spend our summers as a family.

And my life long dream, 2 weeks in Sicily, to search the place and find my families roots.

***{All photos from Pinterest}***

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  1. I know what you mean about not having any new clothes. Or really any clothes I like or fit..haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)