Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Organization-

So let's be honest.
My house is in total CHAOS....DISARRAY...
and that's on a normal day.

We are always on the go.
Brian and I work opposite schedules during the school year.
So now that SUMMER is here I have got to get this house in ORDER!

I have been perusing my organization & house love boards
for some helpful hints, checklists, a laundry fairy,anything really!

Here's what I am going to try and focus on for right now-

No more sink full of cups!  One cup per person!

Aptly named {}
I will be following and hopefully implementing some of these tips to organize and run my house better!

This schedule is GREAT now the issue I have is that come on,
 there is no way its all gonna happen in 30 minutes with 2 children at my feet!
 But if I can get it done and have my weekends free
 I just might be able to figure this whole HOUSEWORK thing out!


I always need to remind myself that my first job is my kids

If anyone has any helpful hints-
send them my way!
What rooms do you clean on what day?
Do you do laundry all at one time? Few loads each day?
Do you have help? Do you do it all on your own?

Give me your tips!!

Happy Memorial Day!

1 comment:

  1. I love these tips, especially the cups idea and chores. I typically try to do all those things in one day, so it is nice to see a normal schedule for cleaning! But, I love the quote and do believe that time with loved ones is much more important!

    I always do a load of whites and a load of darks whenever a wash (twice a week) so that the pile of clothes doesn't build up. I also use a towel for 2-3 days, because like you wrote, you are clean when you use it!

    I love you and your craftiness. I will be looking forward to more ideas/tips this summer!