Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I miss the beach....

It was sooo relaxing and beautiful..

yes there were 7 very active kids and 8 adults but it didn't matter
because we were still at the beach

I know the adults had a blast and we hope we have made everlasting memories with our kids.
There was crying, screaming, arguing and fighting but they all love each other in the end
Here are some pictures from the trip...I'll give you the lowdown on each one.

Ben Henry (also referred to as Benry this trip) deciding if he really likes the beach or not?
Decision- YES!

Miley,Bailey, & Claire catchin some rays in their beach chairs.


Dominic taking a break,having a snack in his momma's chair.

Cant forget Chloe! Girlie girl, was singing her heart out into that bucket! She loved that pool too!
 ( look at Eli's expression in the background)

We all went out to dinner at LULU's! It was a great time!

Jenny, Jessica, Becca, & Me!

The kids watching the band at LuLu's!

Want to leave you with this picture b/c it my favorite from the trip
I had to ask permission to post because we are all in swim suits but ya know
 that's how ya roll on a beach vacation

So glad to have each and everyone of these girls in my life and every one of their kids too.
( oh and I guess their husband too)

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  1. I still miss the beach from last year! This looks like a great time!