Friday, May 4, 2012

I was sent a little angel today

There is a REAL reason behind why I went to work today.
There is REAL reason behind May being Brain Cancer Awareness Month.
And all of those reasons were made VERY clear to me this morning when I got a new student.

I'll call him A.J.
He is 6 years old.
He just moved into our school district and yes, there are only 14 school days left.
But he was SENT to ME for a reason.
He has traumatic brain injury due to being diagnosed with Brain Cancer 2 years ago.
He is now in remission. (Thank God)
But he has disabilities due to treatment.

He is the sweetest, loving, most adorable child.

Yes, I spent the better part of the morning crying. It was very emotional.
 Seeing him reminded me so much of my FIL.
He shuffles like FIL did.
He has fine motor difficulties just like FIL.
The best part of my day. The end, he cried because he said he loved me and didn't want to go home.

Thanks Paw Paw for sending me and my friends someone to play with for a little while this year.

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