Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yeah that's right!
I am still capable of crafting.
Phwaaa...and it was soooo simple
Again, thanks to Pinterest
and this link by the talented Amy @
I was able to make this Oh so cute and festive wreath for my Mom's porch.

And this is how ya do it.

Get a grapevine wreath- $4.99 @ Michael's!

Get some of your favorite colored NAPKINS, yes napkins. in 1,2,3 or even 4 colors like I did!
Fun summer colors!

Unfold them so they are a big square- not sure where my purple napkins are in this pic.
(please excuse the Motrin in the pic, Benry had a bit of a fever)

 Take your napkin, grab it in the center, pull it up to make a long leaf looking thingy
 ( that's not very technical sorry, and I don't have a pic either)
Pinch the center and push it under a piece of the grapevine wreath. Then fluff.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Alternating colors as you want.
It will begin to look like this.

Here is the finished product hanging on the door on the porch.

I love this wreath. It was EASY!
It took less than 20 minutes to complete the whole project.
I even had some napkins left over.
Mom has a HUGE wreath hanging on a wall under the carport so I made this for the wreath,

Happy Wednesday everyone!

(PS: Today is the last day of school for my 4 year old, he now becomes a Kindergartener)
how in the world did this happen?

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  1. How cute! You could do this for a birthday party too...any color you need!

  2. Make me a black and gooollldd one!!
    Love Skeather!!

  3. I really love that wreath. I agree with Heather...I want a black and gold one and a Christmas one...I could go on and on! :)

  4. This is super cute and really does look nice and easy! TI hope you'll link this up at my new link party:

    Thanks! Sarah

  5. How fun and colorful is this!!!! Love it!

  6. This is easy, but the results are so bold and fun. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  7. great idea - I might try this one with my girls; a pink and white one would be great fun for the next princess party! - I found you via linky - I've joined your site, and off to have a good look around the blog - yay - would love you to come visit me (& join if you can - it'll help make my husband shush about all the time I spend crafting/blogging!):

  8. Very cute - I love wreaths. All kinds of wreaths and these are some great ideas. I am stopping in from TheStuffofSuccess. Enjoy your week. Athena