Monday, May 16, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend we went on a long weekend trip with some friends. We had a GREAT time. We spent lots of time on the beach, ate way to much, stayed up way to late, and had soooo much fun! The kids had a blast, playing in the surf, building sand castles, (eating sand) searching for hermit crabs and looking for seashells on the beach. Here are just a few pictures of the kids.
Disclaimer: There are no adult pictures because, lets face it who likes themselves in a bathing suit at this point in time? Not me, I'll tell ya that!

eli & ben henry  claire & chloe (not sure where dominic was at this moment)

chloe girl sporting her sweet suit!

ben henry & chloe in deep conversation
claire & eli playin in the surf

searching for crabs on the beach

where are all the crabs?

If you are board game kinda person you have to get this game

image from amazon

This is the funniest game ever...especially when you are a little tipsy...some examples are

Things that you shouldn't do on a bus...
Things you call your significant other....
Things you shouldn't tell your in laws....
Things that are useless....

like I said...hilarious!!

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