Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pintrest Post

I am addicted to Pintrest just as much as the next person. I find myself spending waaaaaayyyy to much time there. I can get lost for hours there looking at different things...prints, photographs, craft projects, wedding ideas, birthday party ideas, the list goes on and on. They even have ideas for clothing layouts. I have gotten ideas for outfits from is the new time waster for me right up there next to facebook.

(Which reminds me I started a facebook page for Warm & Fuzzy so if you dont mind please, click the link and  geaux  and "like" the blogs FB page.)

Now onto so lovely things I have found on Pintrest...
styrofoam balls & thumbtacks how clever! @ landeeseelandeedo

a kids puzzle mat transformed @ artandcupcakes

a lego wall- my boys would be BANANAS! @ interiorhomefurniture

Everyone have a happy wednesday!!


  1. The Sweat is fat crying...Now that's funny! I think I'll have to keep that in mind for my mantra ;)

  2. Good morning - we must set you up with a Facebook fan Page linked to here!