Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kindergarten Testing....we made it through


So today was Eli's Kindergarten testing.
Did I "know" he was going to do great? Yes.
Did I still have anxiety? Yes.
Did I still have him naming every letter we saw? Yes.
Was I still asking him letter sounds? You betcha.
Was I asking him to sequence things? You betcha.
Was I asking him to rhyme words? Yep.

Why was I so freaked out about this? No clue.

Do I know that some children enter Kindergarten knowing little to nothing except what they learn from television? Sad, but yes.

Do I know this first hand? Again, sad but yes.
 ( remember I teach Pre-K & K)

My big boy was prepared for Kindergarten testing because
he went to a 3 and a 4 year old preschool program.
I made sure he knew letters, numbers, colors, the basics, as he entered Kindergarten.
All the other stuff was lagniappe which I totally credit his Pre-K 4 teacher KENDALL NICHOLS
(Yep, I just wrote out her name on my blog- oh the horror!! LOL )I'll tell her tomorrow :)

I was so nervous but he did it all, answered all their questions, stumbled here and there and if he didn't know something he just said,
I don't know.
And I am A-OK with that.

Now two Mondays from now when he begins his first day at a school where he knows no one and I cant get to him ask me again how I feel because right now I am so proud of my boy. On the 27th I will be a WRECK!!

Happy Thursday Y'all

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