Friday, August 3, 2012

Fan-frickin-tastic Friday!

Guess who I'm getting to see tonight?

That's right, BOTH of my boyfriends in one night!
 Tim AND Kenny!
 I've been waiting all summer long for this concert!

I hope I have great pictures to share with you sometime this weekend!
I will leave you with a pic from Kenny's FB page
{yes, we are on a first name basis}

He's already here! Hanging out in the dome, just chillin with his Saints helmet on!
WHO DAT baby!!

Happy Friday Y'all


  1. Have a great time! :)

  2. Ahhhhh are you kidding me!!!! I'm SO fricken jealous! I tried so hard to get tickets and they're sold out everywhere. Jealous.

    Did I mention I'm jealous?

  3. Oh gosh - and have fun!!! I can't believe I didn't say that :)

  4. Goodness, my body is ready for both of them (and I don't even like country!)