Monday, June 11, 2012

Thinking like big boys now...

sevenlemons on etsy

It hasn't happened yet but it's coming.
Ben was 2 years old in March.
He is still sleeping in his baby bed.
He has yet to crawl out and we haven't converted to a toddler bed either.

I not sure how long he will sleep in a toddler bed before we move him into Eli's room.
I have longed for them to share a room.
I'm not really sure why, I guess that's what I envision brothers doing.
Bunk beds, staying up late, hanging out
ya know
Being Brothers.

I also cant wait to have a spare room to have some space of my own.
We will change Ben's room into a media/craft space! YAY!!

Here are my ideas for the boys room- it's football themed!
Are any of you surprised?

I {MUST} have one of these in purple & gold.
The boys would {die} over this on the wall!
You could each of their names in an end zone!

designstudiosigns @ Etsy
Would love one of each of these at the head of each bed

Edited to add the correct link for this game day dress!

I got mine in purple and gold!
Only 80 something days left till football!!


  1. I love that dress! The football themed room sounds pretty awesome...I can't wait to see it completed.

  2. Hello, You'll love having your brothers together!! Now, where oh where is that adorable dress from?? xo

  3. Um, I need the dress - is there a link?
    And I am working on an LSU subway art for S - I'll show it to you when it's finished!