Friday, June 15, 2012

Insta Friday!!

life rearranged

This is how the week started- Sunday was spent watching LSU baseball. We tried the rally cap. It didn't help. Our Tigers only won one of three. They lost in the Super Regionals. No Omaha for us this year. That is a HUGE deal for us. We are always watching college baseball on our family vacation. But not this year. Oh well, less than 80 days till football! GEAUX TIGERS!

Found this workout on Pinterest and started it on Monday-
I am short like 5-nothing trying to run at 7.2 is HARD!
I really felt like was going to fall so I had to turn it down a little.

Yes, this is Ben Henry, covered in pee!
Every morning I leave the house he is still asleep.
 (Brian is there sleeping as well, I'm not leaving my kid alone LOL)
I drop Eli off at camp,and head to the gym.
Tuesday or Wednesday, cant remember which,
 I walk in from the gym and I hear Ben talking in his bed
I walk in his room he jumps up and says, pointing to his pants
"Hi Mommy- Pee Pee!"
yeah that was lovely to come home to
Had to give him a bath and change the whole bed
was soaked even his beloved blankie- he wasn't pleased as this picture would indicate.
These are Eli's turtles- Tuck & Turtle Man
Yes, we have a turtle named Turtle Man, I didn't name him, I just went with it.
Easy to take care of pets- as in I don't, Brian does
Although he just feeds them once or twice a week and changes the water once a week
Andrea@Bubblewrapped- that's for you! :0)

With Brian's help I crafted this up for my
 Bloggie Besties Blog Swap with Kassi over at Truly Lovely!
Head over there and look for the tutorial.
Got my toes done in this pretty oceany color for the beach trip!
Sorry its fuzzy but I'm being lazy and don't want to retake it
I even cooked on Thursday night
Eli walked into the kitchen to ask what I was doing, I replied I was cooking
He says What? You never do that?
I think its been to long!
I'm packed! Yay!
Tried to print out some road trip bingo to keep the kiddo busy
and ran out of ink half way

Happy Friday y'all

Remember! I'll be in and out until Tuesday possibly Wednesday!
Have a great weekend and beginning of next week
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  1. Yay for bingo! I think that may have kept my brothers and I out of fights on our road trips :)
    Found you via Truly Lovely and am following now!