Monday, June 18, 2012

Meal Planning

How many of you meal plan?
I am working out, and TRYING to eat better
but in all honesty
I don't cook much
that's the reason I don't eat good healthy foods.

When you, if you do, meal plan
is it always healthy?
Or is it just all around better for you because you know whats in it?
I feel like most, well I'll say it, {everything} my family eats come out of a box.
Blech! Yuck! Ewww!
I know! Tell me about it!

So I've been hitting up my favorite place lately, pinterest to get some yummy, healthy recipes.

Here are some that I cant wait to try:
 Healthier Version of Egg McMuffin from
Breakfast is REALLY hard for me,
this recipe is for you to make ahead of time and freeze a bunch.

 Chicken Ranch Tacos from
Can't wait to try these, with some low fat ranch and some salsa
 Chicken Tortilla Soup from
Apparently I like Mexican ;)
   Garlic & Lemon Chicken from
This recipe looks very simple and easy.
Tasty too!

 Weight Watchers Parmesan Crusted Chicken from

So here are my new recipes to try what are your {go to} recipes? How do you plan your meals?
Do you plan your meals out? Or do you just make what you feel like eating?
Share your ideas and recipes with me and I'll post a few for everyone!
I can try them out too!

Happy Monday y'all!


  1. I wish I meal planned more. It's something that always want to do.

  2. I meal plan. We don't always stick to the plan and that's our downfall. Sometimes we go healthy and sometimes we go not so healthy. I tend to stick with the same stuff so it makes life easy. Sundays we grill and we grill extra to have on hand for salads, pastas etc. I usually do baked chicken and roasted veggies one day, chicken tacos are a good one - the boys love them! Check out my pinterest for the southwestern stuffed peppers - LOVED these! Even my mom who has an aversion to anything healthy asked me for the recipe ;) She also really liked the balsamic green beans - and they are SO easy! I do the chicken the same way as the beans. So tasty!