Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

I wanted to make a Valentines Day treat that the kids could help with and that would be quick and easy.
 {G-Rated} had this pretty simple tutorial, so I tried it out.

Each of the boys had their part.
 I lined the cookie sheet with foil, and Eli laid out the "prentzels" ,as he calls them.

Then, as I finished the "prentzels" they both started unwrapping the hugs.

As a teacher I know this is an EXCELLENT fine motor activity.
Ben Henry was working HARD.
Just look at the determination in that face, whenever he would get one unwrapped he would clap for himself!

Laid out and in the oven. 
My oven tends to be on the hot side so I only set it at 170 degrees.
3-5 minutes until the hugs get shiny, not melted, then its TO LATE!
(cant believe I just showed the blog world the inside of my dirty oven)

Adding the M&M's.
At first Eli wanted to hide the M's the he decided that if he put them sideways they looked like E's!
Smart boy!

Very proud because he helped all the way through
(Ben Henry had given up, he was eating chocolate at this point and was uninterested)

We had some M&M's leftover 
 I didn't want them staring at me 
or calling at me from the kitchen,
 so I needed them out of my house...
so what to do? what to do?
 .My friend Natalie at Johnny in a Dress made some Love Mix...
so I thought I could do that...but I didn't have .
but ...oooohhhh I do have popcorn!
So here's my take on Natalie's Love Mix

Melt some chocolate ( I had red candy melts)
Pop some popcorn( I had two bags)
Lay out the two bags onto wax paper or foil
Drizzle the chocolate all over the popcorn
Mix in the M&M's
YAY for YOU!

Bag it up
Add a cute tag
Give it out as an adorable Valentines Day gift!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

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  1. Super fun! Love those little snacks you made...and the helping hands! And girl...dirty oven, pssh! I loved it! Thanks for sharing!!