Friday, February 10, 2012

Meet My Blogger Buddy {Heidi @ The Craft Monkey}

I've been wanting to do this for awhile.
 I want to have some of my crafty friends stop by,
answer questions, introduce themselves, 
hangout, & share some projects with us.

Meet My First Ever
Blogger Buddy !


My name is Heidi and my little corner of the blogworld is {The Craft Monkey} 

A fun little place where I like to share crafts, projects, decor, DIY, recipes and whatever else makes my heart happy. Every Monday I host Craft Monkey'n Monday a link party for crafts, decor, DIY, recipes and more!

I'm living my happily ever after with my college sweetheart, The Huzby and we have one crazy little 4 year old monkey, The Boy.  My boys are my world and my inspiration.  They encourage me and support my "I Love Lucy" crafty shenanigans! They inspire me to create, share and fill our world with fun and beautiful things.

My favorite color is PINK and my very favorite craft item is definitely GLITTER! I love all things that sparkle, shine & BLING! 

2.How did you get into crafting, sewing, blogging?

I didn't realize it at the time, but I've been crafting since I was young! I've always enjoyed making things and always created those "little bit over the top" projects in school. But I really came into my crafting prime a few years ago after my son was born.

3.What is your favorite pastime?

My favorite pastime is blogging! I love reading blogs, writing my blog and finding inspiration all over the web {including the black hole that is pinterest!}

4. Tell us a little about your shop.
 What type of products does your shop offer?

In my etsy shop, Craft Monkey Designs I sell handmade jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. My shop is currently on "vacation" but I've been working on lots of fun new items to add, just need to find the time to photograph them and list them. But as soon as it reopens stop by and take a look around! If you find something you love save 15% on it by using the coupon code WARMNFUZZY at checkout!

5. What is your advice for someone who 
wants to start a small at home business like yours?

My advice is make sure it is something you REALLY enjoy doing! Start small to make sure it's what you want and then grow from there.  A lot of times something, like making a Proverbs 31 ring is really fun, until you have to make 27 of them.

6.Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise people to know.

Something about me that would be surprising....Hmmmmm...Oh, I know! I once shot someone! Yep! When I was about 8 I shot a kid in the chest from about 2 ft away with a BB gun! He totally deserved it though! Let me e'splain! See there were about 4 or 5 of us playing and taking turns shooting the BB gun, but it was one of those ones that you had to pump half a billion times before you could shoot it.  It was MY turn and I had JUST finished pumping it up and gazillion and one times and the snotty neighbor kid tried to take it from me so he could shoot without having to pump it! So instead of letting him have it I SHOT him with it! HA! Take THAT! And basically I've been a bully ever since! hahaha I kid, kinda.  

Thanks SO much Lauren for inviting me over and letting me share my CRAZY here at Warm N Fuzzy! I really appreciate it!  I hope y'all will stop by and visit me @ The Craft Monkey and check out some of my projects.  

You can also find me on


Heidi thanks so much for sharing with us today! I love love love your self portrait! You are a trip! 
Remember friends, Heidi is offering 15% off using the coupon code 
WARMNFUZZY off anything in her shop!
Head on over and pick out a Valentines gift for yourself! 
You deserve it!

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