Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Last 13 Things...

I am linking up with Aunie Sauce & The Life of the Wife for
The Last 13 Things

Here is the list & links of the last 13 websites/blogs I have visited!

1. Blogger
Where my bloggity blog blog is at home.

2. Twitter
Gotta keep up with the peeps!

Well, because I'm addicted.

4. Craftaholics Anonymous
Craftaholics Anonymous
Linda is one the best bloggers around she always answers my
questions, emails, and tweets,and never leaves a newbie hanging

Jen, tweeted me one night and encouraged me to start my own blog
I did! Thanks Jen, bet she doesn't know that LOL

6. The Craft Monkey
My Louisiana friend turned Cali girl.

7. Etsy
where I go to window shop

one of the first blogs i ever started reading

this maybe my favorite button ever!
makes me laugh ever time!
10. Bubblewrappd
andrea and I may have been twins in another life.
11. A Girl and a Glue Gun
A girl and a glue gun
Love this blog b/c I am a newbie sew-er and I will break 
out my glue gun just so I don't have to sew 

I love Natalie, that's why I read the blog.
And she's pretty darn crafty too :)

13. Aunie Sauce
Aunie Sauce
I am a new follower of Annelise's blog  but find myself  LOVING everything she posts.
Especially these 13 Thursdays.

So these are my last 13 websites/blogs I've visited..
There are plenty more that I visit each day, probably to many but  I am loving blogging these days.
.I love that I have made friends in the blog community and that my tiny blog has been welcomed in.

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