Thursday, September 8, 2011


So with all the stuff we have going on in our lives, we had to take Eli to the dermatologist last week for a skin check he has a case of molluscum. For those of you who do not know what that is it is a skin rash that is spread in water and from towels. Its a virus in his body that cause little bumps all over his stomach and arms. We had the bumps frozen off and while we were there he saw a mole he thought looked "abnormal" so he sent it off and of course it came back " abnormal"  The Dr, now wants to dig deeper and make sure he got it all. This makes me want to puke. I am so nervous. I am SURE it nothing but with all the cancer talk and radiation talk, and blah blah I cannot possibly think about something being wrong with my baby boy!

please think good thoughts for him!!

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  1. How scary! I'm sure you're nervous, but just think of how relieved you will feel when the results come back and show that your little guy is absolutely perfect! I will be praying for your family. Smiles, Michelle