Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall & Halloween Fun!!

I am starting my Fall/ Hallowenn decorating a teeny tiny bit at a time, because well, its still 80-90 degrees here some days and its kinda hard to be in a fall mood when you have no shot of wearing a comfy sweater or scarf anytime soon. But am trying and I am LOVING everything I am seeing around blog are a few of my favs...

from would love to have these faces on one side
the words "give thanks" on the middle one for thanksgiving
so that I can just turn it around after Halloween.
would love this and then change the bow for fall and Halloween!
from Eli saw these and LOVES them, he wants them up in his room NOW!
I asked him to please wait until at least Oct 1st !

I want these EVERYWHERE in my house! from restoreinteriors.blogspot

And last but not you all know i am an LSU fan down to my purple and gold blood..but for the sake of showing you the is the pic of what I hope to make
Yes, I just posted something on my blog that says those two words I don't say, from the team I despise :)
- but it is really cute.I can wait to make a purple and gold one!!
 Thanks to the thecsiproject & Lisa! for the {SUPER CUTE} IDEA!

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  1. Showing some Alabama love huh? haha I agree with you, it's so hard to decorate for fall when it's feeling more like Spring and Summer here. I think I'm going to attempt a wreath like that one, hope y'all are doing well!!