Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Christmas in July- Elf on The Shelf Ideas

Happy Monday everyone!
 I usually really dislike Mondays,
 but since its the beginning of my Christmas in July series its making me really happy today!
Today I am going to share some really cute links I have found for your Elf on the Shelf.
 Some of them you may have seen before, others are so stinkin' cute and some are WAY over the top. I would like to know how these mommas and daddies are pulling these off
 with out waking up the kiddos.
I have the links to each of these underneath the picture. I did find most of the links through the site, Elf on the Shelf Ideas. I am sure I will be checking this site out when December rolls around again. Make sure you bookmark it and check it out for yourself.

I don't know if I have a favorite of this but I do think that some of these are very creative.
The glitter message could be used when the kids are misbehaving to let them know that the elves are watching. The block message could be used in the same way.
 I know my boys would {LOVE} to wake up
 and find their Christmas tree decorated in their underwear with their elf hiding in it.
I know all the crafty moms are loving the Elf and his glue gun too! He burned his little hands.
Make your Elf personal, if its going on in your house, fit it in with your elf's life too.
The kids will love it!
We had such a fun time last year with this activity.
I even had my college aged cousin in on it with me
 sending me pictures of ideas she had found and wanted me to do with the kids.
 I would post pics of my elf doing silly things each night on facebook.
My family loved it.
My kids loved it.
 I had fun finding things to do with him as well.
 I think its a great tradition to start with the family as well.
Happy Monday everyone!
Spread the word to all your friends its Christmas in July!