Thursday, July 25, 2013

Brothers Shared Space

Eli & Ben Henry started sharing a room some time in late March, early April.
 I have yet to decorate their room the way I want.
 The wall still looks like this
The wall are not this yellow. The picture is just really bad, please excuse my iphone :)
The walls are a beige color called Macadamia by Sherwin Williams, not sure why it is SO yellow in this picture.
Anyway, Ben Henry's bed is a trundle, its hidden underneath Eli's so they have space to play in the room during the day. We have a shelving unit on one side of the room for all their toys,
 a dresser for clothes against the window with curtains covering the windows,
 and a small night stand with the TV on it.
That all that fits in the room
So I really want the wall to be cute and make a statement. We are changing the bedding too. Right now it is white with teal and brown writing but its just the duvet cover. Neither of the boys are really into the music theme right now so I am going to go with the red comforter that is inside that duvet.
{Can you believe you cant see a red comforter inside that white duvet cover?}
So help me!
I have pinned some ideas on my boards over on Pinterest.
Anyone have any opinions?
Gallery Wall from The Sweetest Pear

I wouldn't do mirrors, but maybe picture frames of different styles & colors.
Could put pictures of them and their artwork.


I also like these garlands from Land of Nod- they come in cute colors,
 a few of these would be really cute too!
I'd like to add the letters of their first names to the wall too!
Just don't want it to get to crazy and look like a mess!

So everyone! Give your opinions!


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