Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School ~ Pencil Door Hanger

I made this for my classroom back in August. I am just now realizing that I never did the tutorial. Its pretty self explanatory but I thought I would write it all out just in case anyone wants to try it out for themselves.

Here's what I started with.
About a 1/2 yard of burlap, 4 colors of paint, a pair of scissors, oh and I used my glue gun too!
I free handed a pencil shape with my permanent marker.
Then cut out around the shape, leaving a little on the edges.
I hot glued the two pieces together, leaving the end- where the eraser is - open so I could stuff it
I spread out my paint colors and got to work.
I used a garbage bag underneath so that the paint wouldn't bleed through.
I used the bottom of a water bottle to make the circles.
I had to let the yellow paint dry before I could paint the circles,
but I am very pleased with how it turned out.
I used my silhouette to cut out my name in vinyl in a font I liked.
Using the edge of my credit card, I placed my vinyl where I wanted it.
Once all the paint was dry, I started stuffing the inside of the pencil.
I used plastic grocery bags. You could use whatever, stuffing, filling you have on hand.
I hot glued the ends together once it was filled to my liking.
I used some extra black ribbon to add some tabs on the back
 so that I could tie a ribbon at the top for my hanger.
And here you have MY version.
It proudly hangs on my classroom door.
I have gotten many compliments on it.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!



  1. What! That looks awesome, I'm impressed! Your classroom must be adorable.

  2. OMG, that is sooo cute! Where do you print your vinyl? At home?

  3. This is beyond awesome. Love it! Great job.

  4. Cute! Thanks for stopping by for our Pretty Things Party. Hope to see you again next week!

  5. what font is the one you used?