Sunday, September 23, 2012

50 Shades of Black & Gold- Why I'm a Who Dat!

Happy Football Sunday!!!
Shamelessly stolen from our New Orleans newspaper- The Times Picayune!!
50 Shades of Black and Gold:
Why fans love the New Orleans Saints
Mike Scott, The Times-Picayune
Love hurts -- especially if you're that special brand of masochist known as a New Orleans Saints fan. So as the Who Dat Nation soldiers on into this 0-2 season, it's worth reminding ourselves why we love the Saints.
Let us count the ways ...
50. Because green and yellow is just tacky.
49. Because krunking is all we know.
48. Two words: Dome foam.
47. "Because this fleur-de-lis tattoo
means FOREVER." -- @kalisah
46. Because Mike Ditka isn't our head coach anymore.
45. Because Steve Gleason taught us: No white flags.
44. Because we need to love them, to counterbalance our vitriol for the replacement refs.
43. "(Because) I bleed black and gold." -- @WhoDat23
42. Because of John Gilliam.
41. Because it's our job -- and
Sean Payton told us to do our job.
40. Because the Who Dat Nation's lows are nowhere near as low as the highs are high. (Whoa. I think I just blew my mind.)
39. Because in 2007, the Giants started 0-2 in Steve Spagnuolo's first year as defensive coordinator -- and still won the Super Bowl.
38. Because, between you and me, it's kind of fun to hear Bobby Hebert's on-air freak-outs.
37. Because of Drew Brees.
And Jimmy Graham.
And Pierre Thomas. And ...
36. Because Sundays are for second-lining. Period.
35. Because the best kind of gumbo is game-day gumbo.
34. Because Drew Brees taught us to "Finish Strong."
33. Because Daddy loved them.
32. Because Grandpa loved them before dat.
31. Because I still want to be in that number.
30. "Because they're family -- and family doesn't always get it right. But you support and love them anyway." -- @SweetNumpsie
29. Because of Dalton Hilliard.
28. Because from Slidell to LakeCharles and from Shreveport to Grand Isle, we've been through a lot worse. A lot worse.
27. Because we're fools for the 504.
26. Because I'm not giving up these season tickets now.
25. Because it's fun to hate the Falcons.
24. Because there's nothing quite like the sound of Section 637 banging on the Superdome walls.
23. "Because I'm from Louisiana, I support my home team, and they are great survivors/overcomers in life and sports." -- @lilme2day
22. Because they're ours.
21. Because this isn't Jacksonville, dammit.
20. Because New Orleans is the only city that knows how to throw a proper Super Bowl parade.
19. "(Because) once a Who Dat, always a Who Dat." -- @KathySplain
18. Because of old No. 57. And the rest of the Dome Patrol.
17. Because it's about way more than X's and O's.
16. Because everybody looks good in black and gold.
15. Because the player-led "Who Dat" chant during pregame takes our breath away.
14. Because it's the Buddy D. way.
13. Because the heart wants what the heart wants.
12. Because of the Benson Boogie.
11. Because they were there for us.
10. "Because we are not the
Cowboys!" -- @justinwmoore
9. Because of 2009.
8. Because of Archie.
7. Because the Chiefs are going
DOWN today.
6. Because we know what it means
to miss New Orleans.
5. "Because they are forever
champions." -- @mpinsona
4. Because they love us back.
3. Because we're not going to let
Roger Goodell win.
2. Because New Orleanians aren't quitters.
1. "Because I believe." -- @TerriTroncaleTP

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