Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My post have been few and far between lately, I havent felt like writing much. Father in law had another MRI two weeks ago and the results were not good. With the treatments (radiation & chemo) his tumor grew 25%. This is obviously devestating news for us. We were all hoping and praying for a miracle of some sort, while all the time deep down knowing what the results would ultimatly be. He will see his oncologist again next Monday to discuss the next step and to see if there really is a next step. I am very sad because I know that these are the last holidays we will spend with him. We are trying to be optimistic but he is very depressed and sad and is having a hard time thinking of any thing else. And who can really blame him? We are trying to do the most we can with the boys and him without making it overwhelming for everyone...

I hope you all understand why I havent been around and why I probably wont be around for a few weeks...thanks for understanding...

Love and hugs to you all and please enjoy the holidays with your families!


  1. Be with your family, enjoy every moment. Don't worry about the blog. No guilt, no stress, just enjoy the holidays with them. We will still be here when you are ready to blog again. HUGS!!

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  3. Lauren,

    Just discovered your blog. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. You and yours will be in our prayers.
    Funny I am a cheek biter too. I have never met anyone else that admitted this quirky habit.
    Going back a little ways I read about your pregancy losses. Have you read the book "Heaven is Real" There is a story about the little boy's mother's previous miscarriage that may help you.