Thursday, August 1, 2013

The day a cow charged at my kid {and I laughed}

I know I have posted on my blog before that my grandfather owns property where he raises cattle.
 He and dad raise the cattle together and my dad has a garden there where he grows veggies.
 My boys {LOVE} to go there.
 They ride the tractor, the gator {a small scooter like thing}
 see the cows, and the horses that live next door to the property as well.
Yesterday was one of those days when we took a ride "down the road" as they call it to see the cows. My dad was already there watering the garden.
 I had already told them that it would be a quick trip, just to see the cows
 but no riding on the tractor or the gator.
But PawPaw had different plans.
So yesterday became the day -
Yes, you read correctly- the cow charged at my kid and I laughed.
 My child was NOT hurt, and the cow was behind a gate.
 But the look on my kids face was priceless.
 Here's what happened.
We get to the farm, and PawPaw was already there, they hopped out of the car and the boys run to the gate where the cows are fenced in. Here's what it looks like.
The cows are pretty standoff-ish and not really worrying about the boys at all.
But as all PawPaws do - down the path he came with the gator and took the boys for a quick ride
even though I had already told them their would be NO rides.

I love their faces in the picture on the right. They love riding with their PawPaw!
So after the ride was over we had to saw goodbye to the cows. Here is where is got a little funny.
Now I know bulls will charge when you have a red shirt.
And I didn't even think a thing about the fact that all 3 of them had on red but after the fact we did.
So this happens.
And it always does, so its not out of the ordinary for any of the grandkids to be on the gate so that's not what made the cow charge - but anyway- Eli is on the top of the gate and talking to the cows and as he is saying whatever to the cow in the front the cow out of no where charges at the gate-
I have never in my life seen him jump down, run so fast, and scream, while laughing, mind you. He was laughing and screaming, "stupid cow- don't charge me, don't charge me!"
I know I probably should have been more concern but I wasn't it was really funny and I knew the cow was behind the gate and wasn't able to get out.
So there is the story of the day my child was charged by a cow and I laughed-
in my defense he laughed too!


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  1. haha! this happened to me when I was a kid too! :)