Saturday, July 28, 2012

Influenster & Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish

I signed up for Influenster and was {hoping} to get lucky enough to receive a Summer VoxBox!
When I got my email saying mine was on its way I was {SO} excited
 I knew the VoxBox included this funky new nail polish I was {dying} to try.

The description was self explanatory
and I had watched the little video clip on the Sally Hansen website before
when I was seeing if it was something I thought
1. It was something I would like
2. something I could pull off myself at home
3. I could make look good on my own nails, I don't think of myself as a trendy nail person.

I will say this product worked EXACTLY as the website says it would. I followed the directions exactly as it says to on the bottle. They are very easy and self explanatory. I think the effect it awesome and I {CANNOT} wait to but some Purple&Gold for football season!

So here's my tutorial and review- I'll let you be the judge of how I did.

1. Nail polish remover- making sure my nails were clean for the polish.
2. Magnetic Polish in Graphite Gravity {thank you Influenster}
3. Base & top coat- NYC In a New York Minute Clear Coat 
 4. A teeny tiny paint brush- from my sons paint kit to clean up any mistakes.

Next step was to apply the base coat.
Directions on back of the bottle- tried to get a close-up for ya.
The magnet is on the TOP of the bottle- you take that off and then unscrew the top.

Do one base coat on all of your nails.
Let them dry completely.

Now you begin to paint your nails, one by one. Paint one nail and then you have to use the magnet! Fun!

Now this is the part where being a summer stay at home momma becomes tricky-
I had no one to help me take a picture of this step.
You have to turn the cap over, where the magnet is- where there is a little ridge- rest that slightly above your nail
 so that the magnet can do its job. You will end up with your polish looking like this! I was skeptical but it really does work!

Here is a video from the website - its short so you can understand what I mean.

Now you complete this paint one nail and then the magnet trick for each nail.
 It doesn't take long once you get in a groove,
I was really happy with the way mine turned out.

Happy Saturday Y'all!!
Go Team U.S.A


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