Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Long time No post!

The Colors of my Mind

I needed a break. I took a break. I hope you all understand. Didnt have much to post about
I was feeling pretty blah most days.
Wanted to be "present" in what was going on in my home
. Had lots of changes going on in my head, and school as well.

But I'm back.

Ben Henry's barnyard bash post will be up tonight/tomorrow. I am THRILLED with how it all came out.
My cousins 8 year old said it was the best party he had ever been to. He wore his cowboy hat out to dinner after the party, and to the mall the next day. She said he even wanted to wear it to school on Monday, but he thought it didnt go with his uniform! LOL! I'm so glad he had that much fun! I hope everyone who attended did as well!

Come back tomorrow for the recap and lots of pictures!

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  1. Glad you're back! Hope things are better for you right now :) Can't wait to see pics of the birthday party, sounds like everyone had a blast!!