Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Years Goal..Organization. What's Yours?

For 2012 my goal, not a resolution, is to get organized. I don't like saying I am making a resolution, because I don't seem to ever stick to them. If I say it is a goal I can work towards the BIG goal by setting tiny mini goal. Yeah I know all mind games but hey, what ever works.

My house is in a constant state of chaos...every time I see this

I think...this should be hanging in my foyer.

So I found a few organizational tools/tips on the almighty pinterest to help me to get organized and set my goals.
The first thing I did was sign up for these weekly emails from Each Monday you are sent a new email with a weekly challenge to get yourself organized. You can sign up for the emails here or view the entire list of the 52 areas if there is one you would like to focus on.

I am also going to try to stick to this household cleaning scheme also found on Pinterest I think its doable.
Do any of you have schedules/tips/organizational ideas that work for you? I would love to hear them! Share away!

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  1. Here's to being named Lauren and coming back from a blogging hiatus refreshed and ready! I am with you on the organizational needs. One of our resolutions is to purge the junk and live more simplified. I've done pretty well today. I immediately looked through all the mail (junk included) and got rid of the trash and took the bills straight to the office (I usually just pick out the important stuff and leave the rest on our island). You've got to start small, right? haha! Well I love your blog and I look forward to catching up on your old posts!