Friday, June 3, 2011

{Love} {Want} {Need}

Seriously, when school starts up again, I may need a 12 step program.
My Kindle, Brian gave me this for my birthday and I LOVE it, cant put it down!


Chevron Skirt

Yes, its cute, black and has ruffles, going hide all my flaws and its from ON, cheap and oh so cute!!

stripped maxi dress
Apparently, I just {want} a shopping trip to Old Navy. :)



(All of these images found @Pintrest- some have links others do not if they belong to you please let me know)
I {NEED} to go back to Disney ASAP

I {NEED} a place for all my crafty stuff- currently its EVERYWHERE!

I {NEED} these, although I am thinking I may be able to craft these up no?

I {NEED} to shake this feeling of wanting a baby girl!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!!

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